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About Us

Our goal is to introduce wrestling to boys and girls 7 to 14 years old in a positive and fun style. We compete in the Maryland Youth Wrestling League (MYWL).  Age, weight, and experience level are used to schedule matches.  All wrestlers will have a match each week during the season and be eligible for the tournament.


We emphasize that the kids show respect and good sportsmanship to their teammates, opponents, coaches, and referees. We hope all wrestlers will improve their skills, fitness, focus, and self-discipline while making new friends while enjoying the competition.

Former BWC Parents

The first steps of a journey are often the most important ones of all.  You and the other coaches helped both my sons get off on the right foot and started them in a sport that encouraged hard work and improvement both on and--more importantly--off the mat.  I will always appreciate that.

You guys are amazing and I am so thankful for my kids to have learned from all of you, both as coaches and as role models. We will miss this team a lot!

Thanks again to you and all the coaches. I always sing your praises as to the philosophy of the program and your ability to connect with the kids at all the various ages. It's no easy task and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you leading by example as a coach and as an ambassador of the sport.

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